Assessment Suite Toolbox

“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world. The first thing you have to know is yourself. A person who knows himself  or herself can step outside themselves and watch their own reactions like an observer.”

-Adam Smith


We offer a variety of Spiral Dynamics based assessments for individuals and groups.

Spiritual Formation Contemplative Prayer & Meditation 

“Virtue” from the Latin means “life force”, and the “vice or passion” of our “personality type” is how we contract against our life force, our essence. When we learn how to go deeper and deeper in these states of consciousness, we learn that there are more perspectives available to us-leading to a more inclusive worldview, where, in the non-dual states of consciousness-the categories of life are receded.
- Leslie Hershberger

We offer REHTI 2.5 and IVQ 2.0 Assessments through The Enneagram Institute. We are available for individual coaching and group conversations.

We also offer assessments and coaching for the Clifton Strengthfinder. Learn how to work from your strengths and how to collaberate effectively with a group or team.

We offer a multitude of mainstream Podcasts, Live Webinars, Courses & Printed Materials for engaging the wisdom traditions of the world.

We will also have guests from other traditions so that we might learn from them and them from us, creating a richer, more holistic spirituality for all. We will also engage other frameworks such as S.D., Integral Theory, Process Theology, etc.

For more information, contact Danny Haas at [email protected]