Our Approach

Our Purpose

Next Level Emergence is a Transformation Support Network  that facilitates the development and operation of 2nd tier Turquoise Becoming Communities.

Become, means to evolve into; emerge

Being, means essence or consciousness.

Our goal is to help individuals and communities, "Evolve into their Essence" on the far side of complexity. A 2nd Tier Community is about contribution not conversion.

Our Story

What We Do

We work with developmental frameworks and integral partners like Presence, The Enneagram,  Spiral Dynamics, Integral Theory and The Wisdom Traditions in general and the biblical narrative in particular.  We will also have guests from other traditions, that we might enrich each others common humanity. Our goal is to provide education through conferences, workshops, distance learning, written, audio and video commentaries, with links to life enriching resources and relationships.

We are working with Presence to create a community for people with yellow glasses who are seeing beyond the chaos and the noise, but in light of-this field of vision, are experiencing a sense of isolation, like they no longer have a place to belong, grow and contribute giving birth to the 2nd tier turquoise community.

"If we take the worlds enduring
religions at their best,
We discover the distilled wisdom
of the human race.
Infinite gratitude to all things past,
Infinite service to all things present,
Infinite responsibility to all things future."
-Huston Smith


Daniel C Haas

"A contributor to a more inclusive world"

Personal Mission Statement (Bridge Builder)

God has uniquely designed me to use my learning and conceptualizing abilities to initiate ideas and recommendations that challenge the status quo and brokers something new. I experience pleasure in life when I'm studying and conceptualizing concepts and ideas that will facilitate new understanding and solutions to a particular challenge, process or goal. I feel particularly moved with people traditionally cast out (oppressed) by society to bring healing and reconciliation through holistic approaches to self and others in the great dance of life.

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